We’ll Help You Take It Easy

We’ll Help You Take It Easy

Make sure your recovery is on track in Atlanta, GA

When you’re recovering from surgery, major or minor, it’s best to take it easy. Your body needs as much time as possible to stitch itself together, and it’s not always the best idea to get back to business as usual. If you are in need of care or help around the house for more than three hours as you’re recovering from surgery, you can count on Rose Petal Falls Private Home Care in Atlanta, GA for excellent in-home care. You’ll work with a CNA (certified nursing assistant) who will check in on you during the recovery process and an RN (registered nurse) who will write a care plan and make sure that care plan is carried out.

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3 reasons to have in-home care as you recover

While having a caretaker around while you recover can provide you peace of mind during the process, some of the other benefits of a caregiver’s presence include:

  1. Helping you eat, bathe and use the restroom
  2. Preventing complications after surgery
  3. Monitoring your recovery

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